Custom Whelping Box Handmade

Our handmade whelping boxes are made from a combination of high quality, furniture grade pine with a plywood base.

Custom size whelping boxes are ideal for a wide range of dog breeders. We can make your custom whelping box any width and depth.

Heights are set at;

Standard – 25cm

Tall – 40cm

Extra Tall – 60cm

Our whelping boxes come with a soft plywood base which can be easily removed and replaced with a new panel should you need to. We suggest lining your whelping box to prolong its lifespan, and increase the comfort of puppies and mum.

whelping box dovetail joint pine

The outer parts of our whelping boxes are made from high quality 18mm thick pine furniture board. Pine furniture board is extremely high quality, can withstand soiling and with appropriate care, should give years of continued use.

Our 25cm tall whelping boxes even come with dovetail joints on the corners, a real sign of the quality we offer.

Pine Whelping Boxes

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